Food Drying With An Attitude by Mary Bell

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For everyone who is looking to eat healthier and less expensively, the Food Drying With An Attitude book by Mary T. Bell is a must. This fun and fabulous guide to creating snacks, meals, and crafts puts excitement into home food dehydration. With 30 years of experience, Bell shares ways to create unique gifts, such as homemade paper, soap, homemade candles, and potpourri, in addition to spaghetti sauce, vegetable soup, meat jerky, and fruit roll ups.


Food dehydrators are an efficient addition to any kitchen or outdoor equipment list. You can eat nutritiously, less expensively, and quite easily, using a food dehydrator. Preserve summer’s bounty of fruit and vegetables at the peak of freshness. Save space and avoid spoilage by packing dried foods while camping or fishing. Excellent to use for emergency preparedness.


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  • Ideas and instructions for food dehydrating
  • 144 pages
  • 100 color photos
  • Paperback book

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