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Two different takes from well-known actors, both of whom have starred in films with apocalyptic themes. The quote from Cage implies that humans have a responsibility to take steps before it’s too late, while Dunst’s quote reflects a more laid-back, devil-may-care attitude. The truth is, with 7.45 billion humans in the world with a median age of 30.1, there are going to be a plethora of opinions on the end of the world, survival strategies, and prepping for the unlikely...
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Selecting a survival backpack (also called a bug out bag) is a lot different than buying a backpack for a leisurely one-day hiking trip or for your teenager to take to school. Purchasing a high-quality emergency backpack to hold all your survival gear may spell the difference between life and death in natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, and mudslides—or if you get lost in the wilderness on what was supposed to be a dream camping trip. Most people look at...
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The latest natural disasters to impact the U.S.—Hurricane Matthew,Harvey & Irma—emphasized how important it is to create a family disaster plan. It seems like every time Mother Nature invokes its fury on communities across the country, there are people caught unawares. In some cases, people don’t have the resources to plan ahead, while in other cases, they rely on those in charge of their care to take necessary precautions, e.g. residents of nursing homes. The most important part of disaster...
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